Note from Joan:

The recordings of these soft-voiced keyboard instruments are best enjoyed at a soft volume to avoid distortions in the subtle sounds.

Joan Benson: Pasquini and Haydn on Historical Clavichords (1982)

Joan Benson (piano – recorded 2000)
John Cage: In A Landscape

Joan Benson: Grand Pianoforte by Broadwood and Son, England 1795
C. P. E. Bach: Fantasia II in C major “für Kenner und Liebhaber,” 1785 (Wq 59/6)

Joan Benson (clavichord) Froberger – Tombeau sur la Mort de Monsieur Blancheroche from the 1962 LP “Music for Clavichord” (Repertoire Records 901).
Clavichord by Thomas Goff (1936-England)